Hi There, welcome to my website! 

Well, if you’re here it is probably because you want to know all about me—so here goes!  I was born in Dallas a really fat baby, the first of four really fat babies including set of twins weighing in at a cumulative 17 pounds!   As I grew up I not only had glasses but also an eyepatch, and to top it all off I hit my full height of 5’10” at 14; needless to say I was the cool kid in school.  

I got a BSFS (that’s a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service) from Georgetown with a Major in Culture in Politics.  While there, I became fluent in French, learned to speak Czech while studying in Prague for a semester, and promptly put my very expensive degree to use by moving to New York to become an actor. 

I lived and acted in New York for several years and am now living and acting in Los Angeles.  If you want to hear more about what I have done acting-wise, check out my actress page and my resume, same for info about me as a comedienne and spokesmodel. 

As for me personally, I enjoy adventures like scuba diving and rockclimbing, hate working out but do it anyway, love to read anything I can get my hands on, and am trying to bring back the use of the word Rad! 

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Catch me in a live web interview on ActorsE chat show Thursday July 1st at 11am PST.  

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